Location & Transportation

Whether by highway, rail or air, Kansas offers excellent transportation and marketing advantages for your business. Because we’re centrally located, and because we’ve focused on building and maintaining an outstanding multimodal infrastructure, it’s easier and cheaper to ship to and from Kansas. We’re home to numerous production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers that have found shipping raw materials and finished goods is more profitable when you’re located in the nation’s heartland.


Key Trade Corridor

Kansas entered a new era in international trade with the passage of NAFTA. The 1,500 miles of I-35 and I-29 create the only central interstate highway corridor linking the North American countries. Further, Kansas City’s strategic location at the convergence of I-35 and I-70 places it literally at the crossroads of America. As a result, it’s home to major facilities for leading trucking lines. Trucks leaving Kansas can quickly and efficiently reach international ports on either coast or the NAFTA trade partners to the north and the south. Kansas City is also one of the nation’s leading freight rail hubs, ranking first in annual rail tonnage and second in annual rail volume. 

Great Highways

Kansas takes great pride in its excellent road system, which has consistently been ranked among the best in the nation. In addition, our state ranks third in total road mileage nationally with more than 10,500 highway miles (nearly 900 are quality interstate four-lanes). Thanks to our state’s proximity to major markets, our transit times and shipping rates for common carriers can compete with any in the country.

Robust Rail Service 

Kansas ranks in the top 10 nationally in railroad mileage with more than 4,700 miles of track. Our four Class I and 13 Class III (short line) rail carriers ensure freight service to virtually anywhere in Kansas, since the countless tons of grain grown here have for decades mandated a comprehensive rail system. Kansas is home to two switching and terminal railroads and two intermodal facilities. A convenient first stop en route to all major marketing regions, Kansas City ranks as the second leading rail center in the nation.  

Convenient Air Service

Convenient access and direct routes to all national air service hubs is afforded by airports strategically located across all regions of the state, from Kansas City in the east to Wichita in the south and Garden City in the west. There are approximately 140 public use airports in Kansas. No community in Kansas is more than 30 miles from a public use airport. 

In the Kansas City area, Kansas City International Airport (MCI) is the primary passenger and cargo service provider for Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. An extensive highway system permits easy transit of goods from Kansas businesses to MCI. In the Wichita, Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (ICT) provides dozens of daily departures to major hubs throughout the U.S. Many air/industrial parks operate on the sites of former military bases, serving as attractive, low-cost locations for businesses seeking independent air services for cargo and company personnel.