Research & Consulting

Have you received a Request for Quote from a foreign buyer but didn’t know what to do? Do you ever wonder if you need a license to export your product? What about tariffs, customs, financing?

We understand exporting can be very challenging and may seem like an impossible task. Worries no more, the international team is here to lend a hand.

We can provide a variety of free and confidential export research and counseling services to aid eligible Kansas companies’ exporting efforts and global market development needs. These services include:
  • Provide general export data 
  • Counsel Kansas companies regarding their specific exporting needs
  • Connect Kansas companies with appropriate export financial assistance 
  • Coordinate with private, public, and foreign agencies to create export solutions 
  • Conduct export seminars
In addition to the services from our Kansas team, we also have representations in Mexico to help Kansas companies in their respective regions.

Service and assistance available from our team includes:
  • Identify potential business partners such as distributors, importers, reseller, and end buyers;
  • Conduct competitor and price analysis
  • Perform local market research
  • Research local rules, regulations and certification requirements
  • Schedule business itineraries for Kansas executives when visiting these regions
Contact us for more information.
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